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From 55% to 112% ROAS Improvement of YouTube Advertising For Mindvalley

Alex Popescu - Results Driven Digital Marketer

I scale digital marketing & personal growth profitably for Humanity+ Companies & Individuals ("humanity+" - positive impact in the world)

Results Driven Digital Marketing


Hustle For Return On Ad Spend

To improve Mindvalley’s advertising on YouTube was a blast.

It came with constant increase in revenue, ad spend and best of all, ROI.

Google took notice of the consistent performance and published Mindvalley in its TrueView for Action Playbook – the Southeast Asia Edition

  • rapid implementation
  • focus on lead generation
  • customise the video creative
  • track return on investment
  • ongoing optimisation
YT Playbook Cover

Speaker - Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2019

Speaker at Digital Summit Asia 2019

Digital Marketing Expertise

Google Ads

From Search to Display ads the Google advertising universe is on constant expansion. Stay up to date and don't get left behind.

YouTube Ads

With sound on and TrueView For Action YouTube is the best video channel to tell your brand story for leads, sales and customers.

Facebook Ads

Facebook caught up with Google advertising and its constantly diversifying its advertising solutions. Keep you investment relevant.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is serving businesses and personal brands for years. Increasing the advertising on this platform will support your business goals.

LinkedIn Ads

When you want to go directly to the point no platform knows the business world as best as LinkedIn. You pay, but it's worth it.

Sales Funnels

Building customer journeys from awareness to brand ambassador is both a business and marketing.

Personal Growth


  • 6 years of formal study in psychology
  • incorporate the Objectivist Philosophy into my life
  • support Mindvalley’s growth & mission since 2016
All of the above (and below) led to me to coach and guide individuals and companies to discover their mission, set/achieve their goals and offer their best to our world.

Self Development

  • 6 years of Tibetan meditation in retreat
  • 3 years of successful multi-level-marketing building a downline of 1,000 members
  • Quantum Leap Academy with Success Resources (Blair Singer, Alex Mandossian)
  • 2 years of Mindvalley University (Barcelona and Tallinn)
It’s been an amazing learning journey and I’m just getting started.

Public Speaking

Music source – Bensound


Emcee can be fun, engaging and deeply rewarding.

Hosting brands as speakers: iPay88, Search Guru, Mindvalley,,, and a great audience of 120 pax, including Facebook representatives.

Keep the energy high, warm-ups, connectors/entries between speakers, relevant fillers for those “tech/slides failed us again” and music makes this role one of my favourite. And all of this while learning the latest marketing strategies and trends; can’t get any better that this!


Emcee KL Marketers Meetup
KL Meetup

MEETUP - Personal Growth for Success, Love, Finance & Real Friends

I started the personal growth meetup in Kuala Lumpur so I can share the tools that kept me going when the tough got tougher and those who bring out the best in human beings.

It’s my all time favourite.

From goals, purpose, mindset, empowering language to communication, hypnosis, relationships and building life enriching positive habits.

Public Speaking Club - Mindvalley

Leading the public speaking club in Mindvalley brought me multi-fold satisfaction through common goal-centered community, workshops and lots of practice.

  • Constantly sharpen our stage delivery skills
  • Share knowledge and speed-up growth
  • Trainings with TED and TEDx speakers
Mindvalley - Public Speaking Club

Let's Drive Results!

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